Question about black eyes in sparring


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Aug 19, 2004
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It seems to me that getting hit in the eye does not always get u a black eye. So what does get u a black eye?
For me, it is getting hit in the side of the head that does it. Head on, the impact is born by your headgear. From the side, the headgear directly connects right next to the eye.

So it's either the hook or having your head turned when you catch a cross that usually does it for me. A regular cross or jab won't do it.
Headgear? Wouldn't know about that don't really wear any.
I get black eyes real easy. Any heavy impact around the orbital socket but around the lower side of my eye and i get a black eye. So if the point of impact is on the eyebrow, no black eye. But on the point of my cheek bone or bang right in the eye then I get a black eye. I have puffy eyes anyway so the blood pools real easy around my bags.
I've never had a black eye. I always wear headgear and spar with 14-16 oz gloves. I did spar once with a guy in MMA rules but it turned out that his "gloves" were just wrist wraps, so he basically hit me bare knuckle. I got punched in the eye but I only had a cut there.
i've gotten them from thumbs, and I get them easy on top of my eyelid from straights to the side of my head just above the eye....only real problem with them is everyone at work ask what the hell happend to you at lunch time? I've also gotten them when going no headgear and the guy was wearing 12 ouncers to my 18 ouncers...I yelled at the trainer the next day when I figured out why he seemed to be hitting so damn hard...i think I would've noticed if they were just hand wraps
I've only had 1 black eye in my life and it was from an inadvertant elbow from my instructor. It landed right below my eye. I had some slight bruising for a day, maybe 2 but it was gone after that.
i get black eyes easily when i get hit hard below the eye.
Hm, I never got a blackeye. I kinda want one though, it looks cool.
Walked right into a cross which landed straight onto the eye socket, got a black eye, and I think that is the only one ever.