Question about Back/Neck bridge


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Jan 28, 2005
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When performing both back and neck bridges, do you hold the position or do you slighty/gently rock your head back and forth?

I've heard differant things, so whats best for these exercises?
i rock back and forth straight and slightly diagonal each side.
you can do both. go back as far as you can go and curl yourself forward. really flex your neck muscles. its easy to cheat and just pull yourself with your legs or push with your arms. so you have to concentrate on basically doing a crunch with your neck muscles. though crunch isnt a good word to use when talking about the neck. you can also just go into the bridge position, take your hands off the ground and count to 20 or 30 or whatever. when going side to side, for sure keep your hands ready to support you.

so, both are good. static holds and moving back and forth, side to side. just make sure to purposefully flex your neck meat. this is also for safety.
I rock my head back and forth and to the sides when I'm doing front bridges, but when I'm doing regular bridges, I try to make it an explosive motion. I start with my back on the floor with my legs bent and try to move my hips up as fast as possible. I sometimes pause and rock my head at the end of the motion, but I don't get to carried away with it. I don't see the use in a static hold, we used to have to do them in high school. I just ended up with a sore head.
Make sure you do Side Bridging as well, since just only front and back will cause an imbalnce and screw up your neck area.
if you have big traps, yoru neck will dissapear naturally from training with weights for a while.
I did rocking bridges for a while, then I bought a head harness and I like it much better for neck work.
I need to buy IM's head strap, beacause all the leather ones feel like they're gonna slice my ears off before I can max out my neck.