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Put links below posts also


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Jul 19, 2005
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I like the structure of how the forums are set up. I like how at the top of the page you can easily click out of a thread and back to the OT for example. Could you please put that link at the bottom of the page also? It would make it just a little more convenient because you scroll through the list of threads to the bottom, then you have to scroll back up to click the link. If it was at the bottom as well it would be a little easier.

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I have thought the same thing countless times. Besides increased effeciency = more traffic and more traffic = more revenue from ads.
Granted, but a lot of times I would like to click on General Discussion and go back out to switch forums.
Yeah, I understand. I would like that your suggestion be implemented (if it can be done so easily and without cost), but I doubt that's going to happen (probably because it's not easy and without cost), so I was just giving alternatives.

It is fairly easy to do. Copy and paste a couple of lines of php code in one file. You can also use the forum jump dropdown box at the bottom of the page.