Nov 8, 2005
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guys! im going away for a week and have no access to a gym and have no time to run or whatever but still wd like to do some pushups in the mornings.
any of you can recommend a good pushup routine or circuit? a quick a hard one, im pretty good at pushups. thanks guys
do 10 regular push ups elbows always tucked in
15 to 20 feet elevated pushups elbows tucked in of course
5 diamond push ups
you can do these all with fists or hands its all up to you
or u can sprawl and do 20 push ups
sprawl 20 pushups
get creative
Plyo + pushup = yummy goodness.

Start with you hands forming a triangle under your chest. Push up hard (hands should clear the ground) and land with your hands under your sholders, go down, push up hard and land with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Push up hard and return to the triangle. that's one. Do 10 or fifteen. When it gets easy, elevate your feet and start over. Use a swiss ball when you really want a challenge.
just do the prison workout. a ladder of burpees with a pushup, with only 30 seconds rests in between sets.
Burpee= sprawl, pushup, squat jump back to your feet all in one motion
Burpees are now located in the Conditioning forum's FAQ.
Pushups are great, there are so many forms, do 10 normal pushups followed by one legged pushups, then 10 pike pushups, then 10 diamond pushups. Do three sets of that
Urban said:
just do the prison workout. a ladder of burpees with a pushup, with only 30 seconds rests in between sets.
I did a set of eight of those before after practice. We did 30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of shadow boxing, and 30 seconds of rest for each set. I was dead tired afterward!
Yes some good advice here so far.

My advice is

3 sets of pushups
3 sets sit ups
3 sets Burpys (man these kill you, also abit of trivia: Cro Cop does them in his warm up)

However do them in the order of pushup 1 situp 1 burpy 1 then repeat 3 times.

if u have access to a chin up bar do chinups as well. Chinups in my opinion is the best excersie u can do with your own body weight. It good for your back and Biceps. Do them with front grip (harder) isnted of reverse grip extent the arms fully till the elbows are straight.
pushup pyramids... start with something like 25 pushups, relax in the up position and count to 25, then do 24 pushups, count to 24, do 23... and so on.. sounds easy but its a bitch.

if 25 is too easy then just start with a higher number.