Problem with my shoulders

what happens is that the clavicle does not angle upwards but downwards or sideways and thus ends right on the shoulder so it does not have that deltoid curve but goes straight down instead. It also falls forwards so the traps are extended that way, giving this narrow, downward angle
stop whining about your bone structure and go lift something. I'm guessing by your terminology "intense delt work" implies a bunch of worthless isolation excercises. Cut out all of the machines and stick to heavy overhead presses, incline bp's, rows and so on. Eat something. Repeat as necessary.

Lifting heavy and eating more will inevitably make you stronger, and eventually, bigger regardless of your genetics, provided the right excercises are selected. There really isn't any magical formula here. Set a day for pressing motions, and go lift. Set a day for pulling motions, and go pull (rows, chinups, etc are excellent for working rear delts). If you aren't squatting, start. Lift as fast as you can while retaining control, try to add weight at every session, eat more, and you'll be surprised with your results. Dick around with :eek::eek::eek:gy exercises, cut carbs, miss workouts, neglect lower body lifts, and enjoy your sunken shoulders. It really is that simple.

Yea, you are what you are. Nothing will significantly change your bone structure or anything.

Just workout well.
im fucking narrow as hell as well. working shoulders (OHP) and lats (weighted chins) will make you appear somewhat wider, but seriously who cares?
Fuck I can't relate, I've always had really broad shoulders and a thick back. It doesn't really matter though because my OH pressing power sucks donkey balls!
SmashiusClay said:
I'd bin the lateral rasies, I did them for years and they did nothing for my shoulder strength, stick with military press and use high pulls and chin ups to get the backs of the shoulders.

As always when in doubt avoid isolation exercises and use heavy compund lifts.

To be fair, lateral raises are not intended as a max movement and can certainly provide benefits as a LA / repetition movement.