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Pro Cycling Discussion 3: 2024 The Year of Crashes?

Todays stage cut even more as the first 80km are cut due to bad weather in the high mountains.


Easy win for Pog if UAE is up for controlling the flat.
POG unbeatable today with cold and wet buffs. UAE did not even have to work hard.

Pog had his clothes and sunnies robbed off him by Italian mafia at the finish line tho?! Where are the Carabinieri?!

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G and O Connor looked pretty weak on the finale, Tiberi looked good. I dont think that the cat killer Tiberi can gain enough time on them to score podium because he has lost so much during his weak days.

Though it is a hard final week, anything could happen!
You'll miss Pogacar when he's done.
I know I will.

I feel like Jonas vs pogacar is one of the greatest rivalries in sports with one of the most memorable moments in cycling (granon). I mean, yeah, when they are going on uncontested 80km flyers it’s boring at times. But for me the last few years it’s like a build up until they face off again.
Win number 4 for the ciclamino monster today? Merlier has been worse than expected tbh! Most of the others sprinters have abandoned.
WHat gear are these guys riding? If the motobike speed is correct the break is going 54k/h and the cadence looks like it is 85.

53x11 at 90 rpm is 54.5k/h so these guy must be running a 54t chainring.