Private Instruction w/ Leo Dalla

Bama Zulu

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Jul 25, 2005
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I currently live in Springfield and I was thinking if it was a good idea to train with Leo Dalla. It's an hour for 100$$, I get to pick what to work on. Are privates worth it?
Depends who it is and what you want to learn. You can go to some private classes and seminars and learn very little new information if you don't ask questions and simply let the guy run you through some basics. Easy money is still money. However if you do go in with some specifics of what you feel you need to work it can be worth more than the money involved.

I recently had a private class with Eduardo Telles to learn more about octopus guard, turtle guard, open guard takedowns and the reverse omplata. I had an idea going in what I wanted to find out about based on my knowledge of his game, what he would likely be able to demonstrate that I wouldn't be able to learn in a regular class and what I was having trouble with he could help me improve.

What are the weaknesses in your game? What positions are you worst at escaping from? What positions are yo worst at keeping? Would you like to know more about from submission from a particular position? Do you have trouble finishing a particular type of submission? Is there anything you've seen on tape or in a HL but not learned in class yet that you'd be interested in learning about?

You could perhaps ask to roll with him at like 50% at first for maybe 5-10 minutes so he can get to grips with your style and maybe point out areas he thinks you need to improve in and then ask for him to demonstrate his suggestions for specific areas of your game.

Take a notebook and camera or if possible a video camera so you can keep the whole shebang for as long as you need to. If you're going to pay more, you should try take away as much as you can for your own personal use so you'll want to record as much of it as you can as best you can. However if you take a private class and tape the whole thing as I did, you should acknolwedge the "private" part of the agreement and not share the video around. You really don't want have a black belt pissed off at you. :icon_twis