Pretty cool new clothing line.


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Oct 15, 2003
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Just thought you guys would like this new site I stumbled upon. They have pretty cool shirts, the Sambo ones rule! Heres the site: click where it says matpimp.
i'm so buying the sambo hoodie
did you guys read the story about how they came about those sambo shirts? thats complete bullshit
Whats wrong it? I just read it but didn't really think anything of it. Care to explain why you feel that way?
I'll try and buy The Grappler tee, looks fuckin great.
Hey guys! Wow I didn't expect our Matpimp line to spread this quickly! I've been a lurker on sherdog for a LONG time. I've been a fan of MMA since UFC 1. A buddy of mine who was a TKD guy bought the pay per view, and boy was he upset when all the karate guys lost! I've been training for about 5 years now so I am pretty involved with the sport(s) on a local level through tournaments, events and friends that are fighters.

Anyway, thanks for checking out our shirts and hoodies. We didn't set out to have an MMA or grappling line of shirts. Our original shop was intended to have funny and artistic shirts only. But as I started thinking about it, I had so many ideas (and still have more) for cool and funny shirts for OUR sport.

YES, the description of the Sambo shirts is complete bullshit. We try to write the descriptions in a fun/funny stye. This is true for all our shirts, not only our Matpimp line. I can see where someone who isn't used to our sense of humor might think we were trying to pull a fast one. So ... lol ... I'm going to put a disclaimer on that description.

Thanks for your feedback guys. The Sambo design and the grappler shirt are our most poplur items. If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at [email protected].
Oh, just to add, I train with a Russian guy, been in this country for all of 4 years. He's our main leglock and takedown guy since he has trained Sambo since he was 12. He thought the description was hilarious :)
I really dig the BJJ shirt...I may have to convince somebody in my family to buy it for me...
I sent you guys an email about the Matpimp logo on a shirt. Did you guys receive it yet? That would make a sweet shirt!
hey, these are pretty cool!

good find clamp! im gonna order 2 shirts tonight, sambo and submission one! =D

ps: it'd be helpful if the FAQ on the site included shipping information and times :S

Hey Fozzy,

The shipping info is actually in the "Help?" section of the catalog pages. I can see where the FAQ is more prominent so we're going to put it up there too when we do a site update this week. Here is the info you requested from the "Help?" link:

Delivery Time

The products you have ordered will usually be shipped the day after you have placed the order, as long as
- we have received complete and valid payment information
- the product is in stock, and
- the delivery address is complete and correct.

Most of the orders will reach our customers after only a few days. Sometimes it may take a bit longer. It shall be an exception if it takes a few weeks until the merchandise arrives at the desired destination. Spreadshirt (our print/distribution vendor) will choose an appropriate shipment carrier for the shipment.

Delivery costs (our print/distribution vendor) delivers to any address within the USA. Shipment charges do not vary depending on the destination. All shipments with a sales value of up to $ 49.90 are charged shipment costs of $ 4.99. Orders with sales values of up to $ 119.90 are charged shipment costs of $ 6.99; orders of up to $ 169.90 are charged $ 9.99. All shipments with a sales value over $ 169.90 are delivered free of shipment charges.

International shipping starting with $ 6.99 to Canada. Please check the international rates for your country on the main page in the category "pricing" and sub category "shipping cost".

Most of our customers on the East Coast have received their orders within 3 days of ordering if they ordered before noon. Midwest 4 days. And West Coast 5 days. (These are average times going by feedback I've gotten)

Hope this helps.
Clamp, I did get your e-mail. Give me a sec to answer through there regarding the logo :)
just woke up and I got your email, sweet thanks for that guys! Your other shirts are pretty sweet also. Keep'em coming, I can't wait to see the sillouhete sweater. If your work is any indication its going to be pretty sweet, and creative. Post some pics when they're done!