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Preparing for my first Rage-in-the-Cage in December

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by ASEGSEA, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. ASEGSEA Guest

    Hey guys,

    The owner of the gym and I agreed on my entering in Rage-in-the-Cage in December. What is some advice you guys can provide for my first fight? I have three solid months to train.


    I've read Joel Jamiesons book and I definitely will work on my anaerobic threshold.

    My school teaches Muay Thai and boxing--both by separate coaches. There is BJJ in there, but I definfitely believe I need more practice.

    Joel recommends working your aerobic and anaerobic early on, and focus more on technique closer to the match. With three months, should this still be the case? Instead of five days with the coaches, maybe I should do some hill sprints, jogs, and bag work?

    I suppose my fear is both being under-developed in certain areas (aerobic, lactic, technique, etc) or fatigued due to overtraining. I'm hoping you guys provide input that'll help me find a happy medium. Joel's book focuses on an 8 week window. He states that guys with 10-12 week windows risk overtraining as the program is designed for 8 weeks. Thus, I figure LSD and time spent practicing will be how I spend my first month. Any flaws in this plan?

    Thanks in advance for any tips. I really look forward to putting everything I've learned into the cage.
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