pre fight work need advice

Gabriel Nix

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Nov 12, 2005
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on Feb 18th I have my 3rd pro mma fight other then my normal martial arts training 3 to 4 hours a day 4 days a week I have been doing alot of lifting.
so far it looks liek this
dumbells 5x5
front rasies, lat raises, shrugs, side rows, up right rows, bent rows, inverted flys, shoulder press, curls, hamer curls, inverted curls, lunge,toe raises, squat' dead lift, trap press bench press, flys
core circuit
crunch, side cunch, air bike leg sissor, leg lifts, reverse crunches,
Dumbell Circuite 3x10
deadlift, upright row, militart press, toe raises, squats, lundge squats
Machine lift 3x10
bench press, row, peck fly, pull down

lots of yoga, bag work and sparring. my goal is strenght and muscle endurance, it would be nice to get cut along the way but it not my main concerne

anything you see I am leaving out I am not running right now because I had shin splents resently.

thanks I really need some advice on this
Not sure if your Yoga is enough but Ab work would seem appropriate... I know some folks who say they get enough with their MA training.... But it's just a suggestion as a few weeks of abs goes a long way for someone who has neglected them.