positions you get submissions from most?


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Jan 26, 2003
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usually i get mines from neutral positions (like guard or from the 'leglock' position while having the guard open)... other than that i get them from the back (like RNCs).

you guys?
For some reason, I am pretty good at taking the back and finishing from there. I like to transition from the RNC to the armbar, and I seem to have good results once I have someones back.

Triangle and Kimura from guard are also hot for me right now.
Omoplata from guard ... it's so hot right now.
Most guys @ classes are bigger and heavier... I get em with Guillotine when they shoot in, or from guard get their back or attack their turtle with gichoke or armbar...
when someones in my guard i get triangles and armbars a lot. Sidecontrol and mount have been working nicely for me too
Lately I've only been in 2 main positions - guard and back / backmount. Most of my submissions are RNC's, with a few triangles and omoplatas.
I do lots of RNCs and rolling armbars so i gotta say back mount, but i use the triangle and armbar from guard quite a bit too.
mount is my fav.. armbar or triangle.. and the far side armbar from side control.. thats how i roll
Triangles and armbars and ompolatas thanks to my rdiciuslously active guard (which I am forced into because I am the smallest guy at my school). From the knees or standing up, I set up RNCs alot.
I don't notice where I get it from... I just kinda get it.. I mean there are submissions from most of the positions, well most of what I get are chokes,hand and legs(triangle). I just get it them from different offensive positions..It really depends on where they put me..
a lot from guard, half guard as well (especially if I'm allowed to leg lock); I've also had a fair bit of success recently from north south, which used to be my weakest position as far as subs were concerned.