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Politician Fight with a Judo man laying it down

bahaha, that was sweet. i like how everyone is just watching it all go down.
That was one of the most awesome things that I've seen.

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I wish he got the tai otoshi. That would have probably knocked the guy out haha.
The second guy had some good takedown defence :p
The tomoe nage was definitely an ippon, I wonder if any of the politicians in the bleachers put his hand up to signal the score :icon_chee
finally Judo in politics isntead of politics in judo
that is freakin awesome. you know the next day, he walked in there like king sh!t.
That was awesome! I wish he got the second guy too. Hahaha. Nobody wanted to grab him after the first guy went flying.

Although this was the first "fight" I seen judo used. I remember watching the Russian President showing his judo skills as an exhibition and basically what he was saying is "this could be you." when throwing people.
The tomoenage made me lol. I wish he would have got the other guy....does anyone know why this happend?
Haha fucking awesome. Politics should be decided via martial arts. Things would go so much smoother.

does anyone know why this happend?

Koreans = easily angered
Politics = makes people get angry
Judo(or yudo if you wanna be anal about it) = popular in korea.
if he gripped the second guy's arm instead of just the collar he would have gotten it. He got too cocky after the first guy went flying.