PLEASE READ!!My Heart Wants Me To Fight....But My Body Wants Me To Sit Behind A Desk.


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Mar 10, 2008
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this is no troll thread so please dont slay on me for just coming to my fellow sherdogers for help. Im 6 foot 3. i weigh 150 pounds......i have a weak chin ( i think ). im 18 years old and since i was 16 all iv wanted to do was fight. i love every thing about fighting...what should i do????

O! and about the " weak Chin ".. a few years back when i was in high school. this black guy who was pretty bigger than i always made fun of me, he used to come up to me and know like when people fake like they'er about to punch you..for some reason one day i got the balls to stand up to him and i told him ya know " fuck you, you wont really do it " plan was to not flinch when he acted like he was goin to punch me....well i did, but he acctually caught me with a nasty right hook...i saw my vision go out into just pure yellow light and my ears started ringing. i hit the ground and was down for about 3 seconds. but when i got up i was fine.

but ever since then iv always wanted to be a fighter but im just scared to get hit..cause of my chin i guess.

what should i do???? any help would be nice and i PROMISE THIS IS NOT A TROLL POST!.
Have you ever trained at a gym?

If not start there
Have you ever trained at a gym?

If not start there

yea a while ago i did. it was just mediocre muay thai and jits held in the back of a karate school. i live in releigh NC, there is just one gym where i live, it teaches Muay Thia and BJJ..but im very low on money these days.
If you really wanted to you would make it happen.
I wouldn't worry about the chin thing, right now. If you want it, start training. Being a fighter involves sacrifice, and you might as well learn that now. Find a good school and start. Then reassess after 6 months or a year, and add skills.
You're 18 but your post indicates your 13. Seriously dude, think with your head--I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but I hate people who say "they love fighting", "I love everything about fighting" and they havent even stepped on a god damned mat and trained yet.

Go to a gym, sign up for classes, start training, and then eventually maybe, if you have the gall and courage to do so, get a fight.

Weak chin? What makes you think that getting suckerpunched out of nowhere means you have a weak chin? If you where actually trained you'd know to keep your hands up in an altercation like that--which is why training is important. Not only does it focus the technique and conditioning, little things like letting a dude punch you straight in the face is highly discouraged.
You got caught with a flush right and got put to the ground so you think you have a weak chin??? Wtf? Just start training you have about 1-2 years of training before you fight (depending on how you progress) most people don't even make it that long so just start and see if you have what it takes.
Getting what you want requires not making excuses. So stop making excuses and go do what you love.
getting decked flush by a dude who was twice your size doesn't mean you have a weak chin. it just means you gotta put more weight on your body. your 6'3 and 155! it sounds like you're kinda skinny.

just start training and see where you go from there.
Step 1: Stop being a pussy
Step 2: Train hard
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: Profit
what should i do????

Stay in school, that's what.

If you like fighting, then do it for fun. Good. Doing something professionally may not be fun anymore.

My best exampls is video game testers people sign up to test video games cause they love playing them. But then they hate their job, because a video game tester needs to beat a game in every possible way, play a game 100 times over to find the bugs until they never want to pick up a video game again. Sucks, right?
I would suggest the following:

1. Work your desk job to pay your bills
2. Start training as a hobby and a good way to stay in shape
3. Change your name from muaythai/boxer until you have actually tried either one of them.
You don't have a weak chin, if someone bigger than you decks ya right in the jaw most likely 75% of anyone will drop.

Do some mass building to about 200 lbs
(Bench press, Deadlift, Squat, Military Press, Push press, ect. 5x5 maybe, 4500 calories a day, 100g of protien, No empty calories (candy, ships,pop)

and most importantly train hard.
You ever watch Fight Club? The narrator was pussified too, buying all that crap from ikea to furnish his apartment n shit. Then he took affirmative action, threatened his boss, blew up his apartment, and started an underground rough and tumble club. In the end he conquered himself, his inadequacies.

Moral of the story? Blow up your apartment.
Most people will go down with a clean hit to the chin, it happens..If you want to fight you wont worry about the chin, you will train hard so you dont get caught next time.. I broke 2 fingers when i got into a fight but I dont think I have weak fingers, just threw a bad punch..
Lol got to a boxing gym and maybe a wrestling one too.

I wouldnt say you have a week chin btw, Anyone in the world can be knocked out if they leave their chin out and let themselves be hit. It only takes a small amount of pressure to the Jaw or Temple to be KO'ed. The Idea and what good strikers do is to move out the way!
Your not going to be letting people hit you!