please help me this find list of most valuable exercises


Jan 8, 2005
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when i was on here a while back i saw a list that showed which movements activated the most motor neurons in each muscle.. i remember preacher curls was #1 for biceps and skull crushers was #1 for triceps but thats about it. i have no idea what to search for
are you looking for isolation exercises? heres a list of exercises and MU recruitment from some of charlies material (francis that is).

bench press: 40%
squat: 65%
deadlift: 70%
clean: 80%
snatch: 90%
clean and jerk: 95%

theres room for error in reading the graphs, and i honestly dont know how he go those numbers but there they are. maximal sprints are ranked at 95% too so theres another reference point. its from his 2002 forum review.
Yeah, I think he's looking for isolation exercises, not total body, Cocky. FYI, Opeth, the exercises Cocky just put up are infinitely superior to any isolation exercises for athletes. It might be acceptable to cut the bench, but for a mixed martial artist, the squat, deadlift, and clean & jerk must be on your list.

Here's what you're looking for:
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I got these from Tudor Bompa's "Periodization Training for Sports." The new edition just came out, so it's a good time to buy it.

But if you're strictly looking for iEMG results for isolation lifts, you might try "Target Bodybuilding." The entire book is devoted to iEMG results and diagrams using color coding (like a topographical map) to show fiber recruitment intensity throughout the involved muscles for something like 65 lifts.
So, let me get this straight: a clean and jerk uses 95% of the muscles in your body, or the muscles the CnJ uses are worked 95%?
it supposedly recruits 95% of the motor units in your body. thats not exactly the same as 95% of your muscles because different motor units recruit different numbers of muscles. aka some motor units stimulate 5 muscle fibers and some stimulate up to 1000.
i was interested in a list of bost isolation and compound.. so i got everything i wanted. im gonna do some research on clean and jerks and maybe do some at home. thanks!