Please get rid of links


Jun 1, 2005
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It's causing all sorts of bugs on my browser.
I cannot use the preset buttons anymore because of it (img, quote...etc) and it slow down everything.

I know that this thread is going to get moved/deleted but it looks like no one is reading the proper board for complaints.
The links are really annoying and they seem to make my browser go apeshit, resulting in maxing the processor usage.
Gnilras said:
The links are really annoying and they seem to make my browser go apeshit, resulting in maxing the processor usage.
glad to know I'm not alone
To solve the on my computer I blocked out the address using my host file.

For the computer illiterate the host file allows you to set a different IP address (very much like a telephone number) allowing you to reroute your browser from trying to access any site. On windows XP your host file is located in

Your host file doesn
What browsers are you guys using? Mozilla Firefox is just about the best you can get for a Windows system, so I suggest trying it if you don't already have it.
It screws with Firefox too, increases the loading times a hell of a lot.
antidote said:
I have a question for you Canned and anyone else having a problem with this site are you running Windows Explorer as your web browser? I run firefox and was having serious problems but I
Yeah hosts file is the easiest way to get rid of it as far as I know.
They don't bug out my system, they're just really, really annoying. Still, it beats paying for the site...
i wont complain this is a free site although i am pissed that i have the dubs and i dont even know why i got em.
Thanks for posting a way to get rid of them. After editing my host file the problem has gone away so again thanks!
I'm not complaining about ads, I don't mind ads. I'm complaining because I can't start new threads or quote people.
In Firefox

go to tools-options-web features-(uncheck) enable **********.
Spybot S&D plus spyware blaster, both free downloads go trid of the prob for me.
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