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May 1, 2004
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I know this thread's been done before but I need to vent. I bought my power rack from midwest barbell and I love it. They had great service, speedy delivery, answered all my questions in a timely fashion, definetly order from them again. I've ordered a squat box from New York Barbells, and it took about a week to get to me on the West Coast. Everyone there is very helpful, very friendly, and I was in contact with them while the item was being shipped. Ironmind is also good for keeping in touch about the order, and shipping things quickl. Now I recently ordered a set of olympic cast iron collars from www.Fitness-Equipment.Com, I placed the order on the 21st and haven't gotten an email back, or been able to get them on the phone until today. I asked for a tracking number and they said it hasn't been shipped yet, and it takes 8-10 days to process and ship an item. I got my power rack from MWB in 4 days. 8-10 days for 10lbs of collars just to get shipped seems fucking ridiculous to me, but my money was taken out of my account the same day the order was placed...Anyways, I'd put these guys on my list of places NOT TO DO business with. Anyone else have places they would not recommend?
I'll just say this, while it's really fantastic to have one-man fabrication operations, and some guy smake these things work and expand (John Beaty and Fat Bastard Barbell Co. for example) but others like Tim Stallings have been notorious for delays, and misleading e-mails.