Pinky injury Please Help!


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Jul 17, 2011
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Hit a double, placed right hand on mat. Pinky on right hand bends at a 45 degree angle to the right at the middle joint. Closed hand, pinky back in place, it can still stretch to the right though :( , i splinted it, and i'm icing it, not sure if medical attention is necessary.

On a lighter note: i tapped out after it occured, and my buddy said Alex! i look over, he holds up his hands, all his fingers are crooked, and he said "ice it".

Not sure how serious it is. Its swollen right now.
I have full use of it still, i can make a fist and wiggle and bend it in the right ways, just swollen and painful.
i've had something very similar to this happen to me, but with middle/ring fingers, and once with my index. ice at first, then tears. tape it up if you keep training, either by itself or buddy system.


consider seeing a doctor if you're worried about it. mine stayed swollen for a few weeks, and it was pretty crappy. if you can do anything to avoid that, including going to see a doctor to have it checked out and made sure it's nothing overly serious, then i strongly suggest doing that. i know everyone says ''go see a doctor'', but honestly, we can't see what the problem is through the computer screen.

maybe ask your teammates, or coach? they might have seen it before and can giv eyou a better idea.
I had something similar. Buddy tape it and take some time off if it's really bad. Mine healed fully after a couple of months, but it still looks crooked.
Splint and/or buddy tape if you have full movement. If you don't have a full range of movement, go see a physician.
take some ibuprofen too. bout 800mg 2x daily.

+1 on ice and buddy split. be sure to keep it above chest level.

if you've got health insurance there's no reason not to visit a GP just to be sure.

but it's a pinkie, you don't really need those.
False. Pinky is the most important finger for gi grips.

It will be swollen a long time. I recommend seeing a good hand doctor to make sure your tendons and ligaments are still intact. If not a surgeon can reattach them.
Go to Doctor and arrange to have a scan done he will also be able to give you a pain killer to bring down the swelling. Then Rest, Ice, Compress & Elevate.