*PICTURE* OFFICIAL UFC 157 Rousey vs Carmouche, Machida vs Hendo Poster


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Jan 11, 2011
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Wow, everyone's looking intense.

And then there's Carmouche.

Sporting the weirdest poker face ever.
They're totally setting up Faber to replace Rousey or Carmouche in that title fight in case one of them gets injured.
How did they get the CSAC to approve a fighter fighting twice in one night?
In before Faber and Carmouche face swap.
Rousey/Carmouche just doesn't seem right as a main event over Henderson/Machida.
can't say im really interested in women's mma as a whole but thats just my personal opinion. I will be curious to see how this all plays out as there is going to be a lot of expectations placed on this women's championship fight. The direction of womens mma will probably be effected by this fight as well. Best case scenario would be a female version of griffin/bonnar 1 with rousey over coming some adversity and winning. I don't think her getting a 1 minute arm bar will bring any legitimacy to the cause as I think it will make people say the women's mma is under-developed, not enough contenders, etc.
"PICTURE* OFFICIAL UFC 157 Rousey vs Kaufman, Machida vs Hendo Poster"

isnt she fighting Carmouche and not Kaufman as your title says? i dont know what either of them look like nor do i care. Machida vs Hendo should be the main event and i hope PPV sales suffer because of this
haha! What a joke having guys who have fought at the highest level for a decade like Machida and Hendo relegated to tiny pictures under Rousey and some lady no one's heard of.
Fine if no one is gonna do it i will!

Needs more birds....

Now shoop that bitch