peak conditioning for a fight

Stewart Kwong

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Jan 10, 2005
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i may be getting ready for a fight soon and although there are alot of good threads on how to increase ur cardio i was wondering if anyone here could give me an idea of how to peak for a fight. i've heard 2 diffrent things on the peak phase. 1 is that the intensity should be high but quantity short, but i've also heard that near the end u should be going light to not over exert yourself. can anyone give me anything specific on this? any info is highly appreciated.
Yeah this is interesting, if anyone knows, let the future fighter know ^^

You stop hi intensity/low volume approx 1-2 wks before the match and from there go fast but light. No fighting.:)
would i still be doing this light but fast 5-6 days a week or would it be like 3? and for cardio would i taper the amount of days or intensity as the fight day nears? thks in advance.
Well I was in judo and for the last week we'd just do speed drills for entering throws, set-ups, subs etc. We'd take the last 2 days off prior to the comp. You can do it every day till the 2 off I suppose- being it is very light. Its not work. Its more just maintaining the sharp reflex and agility while making sure you're recovered fully for the comp.