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Pe de Pano to make UFC debut


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Apr 19, 2004
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I just noticed this little article. While reading it, I noticed that Pe de Pano is making his MMA debut at UFC 55.


Keigo Kunihara set to make his UFC debut against Marcio 'Pe De Pano' Cruz

On October 7th, 2005, when Zuffa presents UFC 55: Fury at the Mohegan Sun, the heavyweight title will be on the line when Andrei Arlovski defends his title against Paul Buentello. With the heavyweight division in an uncertain state and former champion Frank Mir's return also an uncertainty, the UFC will introduce two new heavyweights as King of the Cage veteran Keigo Kunihara takes on 6-time BJJ Mundial World Champion, 8-time Pan American Champion, 5-time Brazilian National Champion, 2-time Abu Dhabi Champion and 2-time Brazilian Equipe Champion, Marcio 'Pe De Pano' Cruz, who will be making his MMA debut.

Kunihara is not intimidated by Cruz' accomplishments, but was impressed as he watched his opponent during the Abu Dhabi tournament in 2003. 'I would like to keep it standing,' Kunihara laughed.

The 30 year-old student from Marcio Simas
should be somewhat interesting.

i wonder if pdp will bring his patented gut to the ufc.
I'll be damned I had no idea he was going to fight MMA. Thanks for the article.
at some point he was schedules to fight severn in an ifc event that was cancelled. i am sure that monson would like to get his hands on him in a mma bout also.
hes from simas school? wow pretty cool.

i still think pe de pano will win though. Im anxious to see how he fairs in mma.. his ground game is amazing... but how well will it transfer.... the guy is a monster to... tall tall man.
wow, I hope he doesn't bring his patented na guarda maldita to the UFC. I'd imagine that would get him pounded...
Gsoares2 said:
hes from simas school? wow pretty cool.


hmm... I just noticed that... I guess this means Gracie Barra vs. Gracie Barra?
The Sickness said:
wow, I hope he doesn't bring his patented na guarda maldita to the UFC. I'd imagine that would get him pounded...
yup, just like nino....
Sherdog_Mutt said:
hmm... I just noticed that... I guess this means Gracie Barra vs. Gracie Barra?

I guess so... But from the way he is talking he doesnt want to go to the ground with Pe de pano. Not really the talk of a seasoned Gracie Barra guy.... Wanting to stand?!?!

I think this is going to be a bad miss match to laucn pe de pano into the mma spotlight... he is a giant and would draw lots of viewers from the bJJ community.. and just people in general who want to see big people brawl.

hell im sold
I am interested to see him fight MMA. When he's on his game in gi grappling, I don't think I've ever seen someone that could consistently beat him. If you were watching him around 2003 (see for instance the Pan Ams 2003 DVD), you'd have to agree that the guy can a monster and so fluid for a very big man.
It'll be VERY interesting to see Pe de Pano in a MMA fight. I've been looking forward to this. He has great JJ credentials, but I'm not sure about his power. You know that anybody facing him will go for the KO, and try to stand with him. So it really depends on the unknown of his stand up and his takedowns which i think may be in question too. Especially without the Gi which is an entirely different story.
I reealy hope he does'nt bring his atitude to the octogon!

his style is not the best for MMA (he likes to pull guard), gut his submissions are so good, he might end up as a good MMA'er
infamous mattyd said:
lets keep in mind that good grappling does not = good mma
Great point ! I would like to see this match , just to see how well he transitions from standing to the ground and what he tries to pull off .. Should be interesting to say the least .
Pe de Pano and Babalu will be rocking some pretty cool fight gears come UFC 55. Will be available soon. Check it out: http://manto.pl/
im interested, regardless of how it turns out. fabricio is doing really well in pride and ufc badly needs a good submission fighter i think. imo, knockouts are exciting to new fans, but submissions are the things that make noobs go "what the fuck was that?" - and anyone inquisitive is going to try to learn more about them and get into mma/grappling. remember how nuts people where going when mir broke silvias arm? that wasnt even a great armbar either (not saying mir wouldnt totally rip my arm off) - it was ugly as hell imo.
colinm --- I agree. It's that "what the f*ck was that?" reaction that hooked me. As in "What the hell is that guy trying to...omg he's going to snap that limb off if the guy doesn't quit!!"

That is the attraction for me for this sport, not standup knockouts. I'd rather watch Charuto roll with anyone rather than watch K-1 Finals any day of the week.

That is all.

it should be very interested, he is a world class grappler. fabricio has done well so far, maybe pe de will also.