Pavlik retires

Glad he's out then. With that state of mind he wasn't going to do great things and would probably get more hurt than necessary. If this retirement sticks, I hope he can keep his head above water.
Fuck man this makes me pretty sad tbh. Kelly's been my favorite fighter for years now, ever since I called him beating Taylor not long after I became a hardcore Boxing fan and it was the best fight I had seen up to that point. The guy always came to fight and I really thought he could make a few waves at 168. GL to him in retirement, I really wish he'd fight atleast once more though.
I bet Pavlik fights again.
Saw this on espn hope he fights at least once more, another Taylor fight would be a nice farewell fight for the both of them
I agree with the part where it says the fight being cancelled is a blessing in disguise. The guy is concerned about long term health and Ward was the worst match up possibe for him. Ward would be too fast and too skilled and just hit Kelly clean for about 7-8 rounds until his corner threw in the towel.
I bet Pavlik fights again.

I bet you're right, but he shouldn't.
He's always looked that way to me, but in his last bout he looked SO slow and plodding.
I don't see anything good coming from him fighting top-level boxers at this point.
Good luck to him.
If your heart just isn't in it, gotta move along. I wish him the best.

He's a smart guy and still pretty young. Most likely make a comeback in the future.
Can't say I'm not disappointed. I thought he could have came back and made a respectable showing of himself. Guess he just isn't that into it anymore.