Pain in arms when holding focus pads


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Oct 14, 2005
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Hi guys,

I am a newbie to boxing, and after classes I feel an excruciating pain in my arms...especially at the cubital fossa (the region of the upper limb in front of the elbow joint). I asked the coach and he said this is normal...I was slightly worried though as my training partner who is weaker than I am was fine. The pain was so bad that on the way back home in the car I had to keep shaking the arms and massaging them. But I thought it may have been just the intense workout..

Today I was just holding focus pads up for my bro to hit..I didnt throw a punch and I got the same pain again in the same place...the cubital fossa. I am pretty certain im holding the pads right..keeping them firm and pushing back as one hits. Has anyone got any ideas to what may be wrong? Is it possible im holding the pads wrong? Just wanted some thoughts before I go to see a doctor or something. Anyone else experienced this?

many thanks
I would check that out with a doc. Your arms get tired thats normal. People who have been taking the class for months and months arms get tired. But it shouldnt hurt nor should it really be at the elbow joint. I really suggest going to a doc fo sho. No body likes going to the doctor, but if you really want to keep on boxing you need to get that fixed.
How long has it been like that?
Hey man,

I only started boxing a week and a half ago. sometimes its last night after class i was fine. today though after holding the focus pads they really hurt. its been 2 hours since then and they feel better. the pain immediatly afterwards can be excruciating!
Oh well if it doesnt get better over time go to a doc. What I mean is if it slowly ofr rapidly doesnt get any better go to a doc.

How are you holding the pad?
I have had this same problem and I think it might have something to do with lifting weights the day prior. Its so bad sometimes when training I jsut have to stop, havent trained in a while though so I dunno if it is still a problem
Have you had any elbow problems in the past??? If you have had what they call tennis elbow or tendionitis this could flare up while holding pads. If you take a shot and are holding the pad at an angle and with a hard enough shot can mess up the arm also. I have found it is common with people who having been holding the pads for years.
I get muscle pain in my forearm after long sessions. Is this what you get? Try some Cryogel or tiger balm they both help.
it's normal it has to do with conditioning
The pain is like a miny cramp. When holding the pads you don't stretch your arms very much so the muscle stays contracted and you are still using the muscles to take the impact. Its like if you picked up a light dumbell and then just held it in the same positon for as long as you could. Should pass with time as your endurance builds. I still get them but I switched up my weight lifting to doing more reps of lighter weights on curls and it has helped. Try to stretch your arms out and shake them up a bit while holding the pads whenever you get the chance also.