Padilla & Sons Single Weave Kimono


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May 4, 2007
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Quick summary is that after speaking with Joe Padilla on the phone I decided he was the guy I wanted to buy a Gi from. We also decided that my needs right now were for durability so I went with a single. Now I'm almost 6'4" and weight about 251 right now so I'm literally on the border between a size 6 and 7. I would rather have my kimono be slightly big than too small so I went with a 7. Now the single weave is more of a Judo cut as you can see by the skirt and these photos are of the out of the box kimono and the directions said I could shrink it to fit better up to 2 inches so if I screw it up the gi will still not be too small. Otherwise the craftsmanship is excellent and the gi is soft and does feel more like a karate gi which is another thing I like about it. The service, cost and product will bring me back for a blue gold weave in the future.



Thank you for trying our Kimonos.Keep in mind that our uniforms are not pre-shrunk.
Shrinkage is around 2-3" overall on the jacket. The pants are about 2.00" in length
and 1.00" in overall width. After you wash it I think you will see a noticeable differance.

After washing the fabric and stitching really snug up nicely.Thanks again for the

they shrink up nicely once you get them to shrink enough :) atleast with my gold weave.

I think some people are getting the wrong imprssion on my kimono, I posted pre shrunk photos so that you guys could see before and after shrinkng. I will post the shrunk to fit photos later in the week.
I hope it doesnt shrink to much. I got an A3 and im right at the top size for it. Definitely not drying mine. How much do the pants shrink?
This is the Kimono after two washings. I don't want to shrink it anymore because it fits exactly the way I want it too. To me a uniform is just equipment to play the game but when I recieved several postive comments from the guys in class I felt a little pride. The shark does look cool without making the Kimono look like a walking billboard like some many other non traditonal uniforms. The material of the single weave was a perfect balance of thickness for rolling yet still light enough for me to do some standup work after class. Also in the 70 degree dojo I wasn't hot at all in this Kimono. No photos of the pants but I have large legs and the pants fit loose w/o being overly baggy or having a saggy crotch. The pants shrinkage as about an inch or so.

I couldn't be happier with this purchase. As far as sizing questions and other details I really recommend calling Joe Padilla and getting the detailed answers from him.






Looks good, especially after the shrinking, nice to hear some positive comments from friends too.
Gosh, that back seam looks uncomfortable, just like the Howard single. How is it when you are working off your back?
I always wear an undershirt but I haven't noticed a thing. I don't think it would be nearly as noticable as a Howard. Also the collar isn't too much for your partner to legitamently grab like the Howard. The pants are better too.

The gold weave though is only a $10- increase.
looks nice man! I just bought me an SSF COMP, it was between that and the Padilla Gold. Still think I might get a Padilla in the future.
Best of luck