packed lunch breakfasts


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Oct 30, 2005
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can anyone suggest a good breakfast i can take to work to eat cos i am sick of having to call at subway for a ham and egg sarny!!!!
i bring 3 hard boiled eggs, banana or apple, and whole wheat crackers to work w/ me every morning. i only eat the whites of the eggs.
thats not a bad idea thanks. how many carbs are in each cracker roughly??
Ditch the crackers and eat an extra piece of fruit.
this sounds bad but i'm tryign to get healthy before what i was eating at work was maybe skip breakfast get into work at 1 sausage sandwich , lunch time 2 cheeseburgers and a bacon and lettuce and tommato sandwhich .... doesnt take a genious to work out thats bad right!?

SO now that i've been eating healthly you will see my problem im now eating turkey and salad sandwhiches ..... but i get two batons kinda like a 2 foot long subs at subway... and im still hungry why is this, btw im not big or anything im 5 foot 7 and around 165 lbs give or take

any ideas on meals that will fill me up and not leave my stomach rumbling for more ( its damn embarrassing)
zdrax said:
Ditch the crackers and eat an extra piece of fruit.

They're whole wheat. They should be okay.