Pace/tempo & interval training

Wild Dan Hibiki

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Aug 11, 2002
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how long would a normal session of these training methods last? lets say the pace/tempo training will go for 20 minutes and the interval training will go for 5 minutes per set. so another way of wording the question would be how many sets of these is usually done per session?
ok found out how much rest between sets for pace/tempo training but im still looking for an answer to interval training
As many as you can do in about 20 min..
Change your speed/incline every minute. that way you can never get bored to much. 1 workout is pick a comfortable speed to run, say 6.0...this might change for you, I am just saying..

Every minute change the incline up 1 notch every by 5 min, your on 5 incline ..speed is the same here, work up as far as you can go...lets say its 15 incline...Now go back down, lower the incline every minute. while increases speed..hmm, thats the much tougher part.. :)))

remember you can change this to how ever you want..example, but that workout is 30 min and its a killer!!..
Umm, I'm not a fan of treadmil work for much other then gettign back into long runs, so this is for road work.

Urban posted a set that goes
45 off, 30 on for 5 sets
30 off 20 on for 5 sets
20 off 10 on for 5 sets

going from one to the next to the next.

I'd try that if I were you, or do a 2:1 ratio, ie 30s on, 1 min off.

Really though you need to vary it every month/8 training sessions. So one time frame you do the 45 off 30 on thing (which comes to about 13 minutes, add where you see fit I say), one time frame you do the 2:1 ratio (for 20 minutes) and another time frame you do the 1:2 series (ala guerilla cardio, 20s on, 10 off), so you work the different energy mechanisms. And every now and then take 2 weeks off and do 30 min long medium pace runs or 20 min fast pace runs at the same intensity.