Over training?

Big Red

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May 19, 2005
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Hello. My current workout has been as follows.

Mon- Bi's & Back/ 30 mins incline treadmill
Tue- BJJ
Wed- Shoulders & Legs/ 30 min incline treadmill
Fri- Chest & Tri's/ 30 min incline treadmill
Sat- Muay Thai

I was wondering, now that I have some more free time on my hands due to summer holidays would it be a bad idea to change my routine where I'm working more each day but less frequently. I.e.

Mon- Off
Tue- BJJ & Gym
Wed- Muay Thai
Thurs- BJJ & Gym
Fri- off
Sat- Muay Thai/ Gym: Probably focus only on weights.
Sun- off

I decided that this routine may make me have enough rest time as I sometimes feel weaker the following day in my BJJ sessions. Last night for example, doing press ups I struggled as I did a heavy weorkout on my chest the night before.

Comments please.
Depends how old you are, how much rest you get, and what your goal is?
Rest: At the moment, only resting one day a week, every day doing some sort of strength or cardio work.

Goal: I'm 190 lbs right now and want to be 180-185 lbs. Improve strength aswell as improving carido is also a goal.
I wish I were 18 again!

As long as you get 8hrs sleep per day and eat enough good quality calories thats fine.

If you follow your program as is, just do the running b4 the weights.
I would do the running in the morning on an empty stomach, then lift weights.
You'll be tired but you have all day and night to recover and EAT!

You will feel soreness and stiffness when performing push ups after heavy chest night b4.
After a few weeks all soreness will disappear then u can add to your program.
Keep it up and learn to experiment after a while. Different exercises, different time of day, different order, different food. Keep your body guessing, just like an opponent in a fight.
I work away from home half the year in all 6 weeks on 6 weeks off so when im home ive got to cram in as much M.A. training as possible. I train a shitload more than you would believe is possible but i eat right and get a good sleep every night i feel fine for it. As for feeling weaker in you BJJ class the next day after training at least when rolling you will be relying less on strength and more on technique i say train more. Just my thoughts.
Get alot of sleep and rest, for me that always the most important thing. The only thing about training weights on the same day as bjj or mauy thai is that you will notice an obvious drop off in the amount of weight you can lift and how long you can weight train but it looks like a good training schedule to me if you get a decent amount of rest and feel good.