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Mar 10, 2007
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What do you guys do outside of the gym to assist with your BJJ?

I will assume stretching and weight training are a priority.

Do you do extra BJJ exercises?


Roll at home?
On BJJ days, My team and I start off on a couple mile run. And after the run we do alot of abdominal conditioning ie. crunches, to triangles, to medicine ball work, and last we finish up with hip rotations on a partner in guard to work on the fluidness of armbars and triangles. After that we stretch, work on technique, and then get to the good stuff.
I drink acai and stare at chicks in thong bikinis. It makes me feel more Brazilian and makes my BJJ game rock.
try to get strength in weekly, play some futsal once a week that counts as cardio
Yoga, body-weight exercises(pushups, pullups, etc), one person drills, occasionally running.
Nearing a ripe 34 years of age (and abuse), I spend my off days icing my knee, stretching my back on my BodySlant/Liberator (yes, the wife and I really have one), and working out on my elliptical machine. I do light weights and tension exercises with thera-bands,etc.

Other than that, I have grappling matches with my wife for who does the chores. One of these days....I'm gonna win. :redface:

When I'm on the road for work, I do whatever the hotel's gym offers me....so I switch it up a lot.
i never wear a shirt and im always at the beach. even if its snowing outside.
I make a workout by rolling around on a swiss ball, do sitout drills, back bridge drills, momentum drills, etc. one day a week in addition to class. I also play pickup basketball for cardio once a week and lift weights 2-3 days a week also.