Opro just came with pics!!!!


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May 7, 2005
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Things are just rolling in here first the nogi stuff now this. My opro took about a 2.5 week turn around from mold to guard but i am happy it is here. First off the fit is unreal i literaly need two hands to get this off my teeth it feels vaccumed on i used to think my shockdoctor boil and bite was a good fit WRONG. I could pry the shock doctor off with my tounge not this guy. The graphics are great and i love how it has my name and phone number embedded in the plastic of the guard in case i lose it. Without further ado the pics the last two are with my shockdoctor to show how much thicker the opro is

Forgot to add this is the proimpact thickness and obviosuly the fang model
NICE thanks.

Any more info about it?

I've just got quotes from the design I want. It's getting steep.

Everything in Aussie bucks

79 per guard.
120 for part a of design + 17 (each) for putting it on
120 for other sign of design + 17 (each) for putting it on

No wonder I'm trying to get funding and trying to spread the cost to like 50 people if possible
well first off there is a group discount if you buy 5 or more and you can save like 30 per guard so i recommed rounding up some friends and doing that. The reason i didnt post cost was mine was a bit of a different case in which i got hooked up by a guy who was able to get a discount it should be like 75 for everything i think mine was 30 bucks. Reguardless it is worth the 75 bucks this thing is bulletproof and the fit is unreal
cool! Thanks for the pics, I think the fangs look cool. I just hate the opro in the middle all big and such. And they will not remove it either.
Yea that is annoying especially since it has a logo on the side too but whatever i will trade the opro logo for my teeth still being in my mouth it seems fair
Yeah, that's the thing. I'm trying to get a big set of 50 for my club. And I'd pick up 2 myself. But ours are gonna be crazy customised hence 240 in setup costs. But I'm hoping to be able to get some sort of funding for it. To promote "safety in sports" and all that :D