Opening a MMA Training center

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Apr 2, 2008
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I am looking at opening a MMA Training center and am wondering where the best place to find a ring, cage, heavy bags, mats, etc. Does anyone have some referrals for some good companies to buy this stuff from that is a good price and quality equipment?

I am also curious as to where should I look to find some instructors to teach classes. What are they usually paid?

Finally, what is a reasonable monthly fee you would pay for a unlimited use monthly membership at 10,000 sq. ft. top notch facility?

Any other comments or feedback on opening a training center would be greatly aprpeciated!

I have been training for about 6 months and am in no way a fighter, just a huge fan and businessman that see's a opportunity to be apart of a sport I love and want to open a top notch facility for fighters and us common folk to train and get a hell of a workout.
Combat sports does a great job helping people set up gyms. They even give pretty good discounts when you are buying a lot of stuff (this is in addition to your wholesale pricing). They build great cages and rings too. They can get you set up with everything that you need. (same company) for the ring/cage for sure. Also the heavy bags, I would say. I trained at a boxing gym that had mostly ringside bags and like 2 title bages as replacement bags for some of the older ringsides (they got a better deal) and the title bags started wearing a *lot* quicker than the ringsides. Might have been a fluke or a bad batch, but still. They also had a title thai bag that lasted a long time, so who knows?

There is another company ( that sells gloves, shin guards, headgear, etc. for cheaper that is actually semi-decent stuff. You might want to stock different types of this equipment for sale at your "pro shop"...2 of the schools I have gone to (one boxing, one MMA) have sold this stuff as their stock gear, although most guys usually end up buying/bringing their own gear. It's good enough where you aren't going to break your hands while using the gloves, but won't break the bank...(I opted for a few different pairs of Ringside sparring gloves, personally). The schools I went to got a pretty decent wholesale discount from the company.
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