Online canadian fitness retailer??


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Apr 13, 2008
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Any canadians here know of on online site where I can buy fitness gear?? I keep finding horse shit stores, anyone have one they have used before?
What do you mean by fitness gear?
i guess gear was wrong word, should have said equipment. Im looking for hand grippers i want to get the ones with 200, 250 and so on just seeing if any one knows a good reliable retailer.
I just ordered mine direct from IronMind, there shipping is a bit high but their products are top notch and i'm not sure of a Canadian retailer that carries them or a good alternative
Amazon has CoCs, don't know if the Canadian Amazon has them also.
what ones should i purchase guys?? do i need to even bother with the 100's? should i starthigher? and doesnt have all the sleection that .com has its teh ghey. im at ironmind right now and dont know which i should get.
Have you trained your grip much before? i've got basically everything from the COC 1 to the 4 and of all the people i've let try maybe 1 in 10 can close the #1 out of the package
no i havent trained grip at all. so a number one then is a good place to start. ok, thnaks for all your help. whats a general price range i should find for these?
I'm pretty weak and couldn't close the #1 straight away. I started off with the T and the #1. I did reps and overcrushes on the T and negatives and partials on the #1 till I could close it. I would get the #1.5 or #2 as well while you are at it. It was pretty easy to close the #1 once I started training. If feel that you are stronger you can maybe skip the T.
i think i will start at the 1. im gunna shop around for a package so maybe save dome money that way, thanks for the advice.
I think they workout out to be $30 or so CDN with shipping, duty and tax all in from Ironmind ($20 US for the gripper), maybe a bit more depends on what all you order. Usually the 1 and the 2 is a good starting place for "most".