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O'neil Bell vs Tomasz Adamez Today on ESPN Classic


Gold Belt
Sep 1, 2002
Reaction score
Tomasz Adamek SC O'Neil Bell
Tomasz Hutkowski SC Blanchard Kalambay
Damian Jonak SC Sebastien Spengler
Andrzej Wawrzyk SC Marcin Najman
Rafal Jackiewicz SC Mohamed Gaabary
Tomasz Bonin SC Sayed Abd Elaziz
Krzysztof Bienias SC Denis Alekseevs

Big ups to ESPN Classic for broadcasting this fight today at 6pm est. Former Cruiser champ O'Niel "The hatchet" Bell faces former Light heavy belt holder Ademek. Can't imagine that the 200 pound cruiser weight limit would serve him well, as Bell is clearly the natural strong, faster and more powerful guy. But Bell has been inconsistant, and Adamek keeps charging is a real tough nosed guy. This will be another good fight at this hot devision at cruiser as they go after Haye's soon to be vacant belt. fights start in 50 minutes, enjoy.
Should be a good fight. Anybody know if Kalambay is any relation to the immortal Sumbu Kalambay? I just like typing the name Sumbu Kalambay. :D
Please post something on who wins, if you happen to watch. Thanks very much for the help.
Bell controlling the first half of the rnd with his size advantage. Thomas finding his right hand. Bell JUST HIT THE DECK. Up and ready by 8. Wasn't hurt.

Ademak's right hand finding its range already.

end rnd 1.

10-8 Adamek
Bell lunging in with a straight rights to the body to start the round. Bell still hanging his hands low, and trying to find range while loading up on his right hand.

Bell still controlling the center of the ring,but Adamek is picking his shots well, and landing his right hand at will. Bell is walking into shit with his hands down. Little action, and Ademek clearly takes the 2nd as well.

end rnd 2 , 10-9 Ademek.
Sounds like Adamek is rolling through him.
3rd round starts with more action as Bell slings a shot below the belt line. Both guys lunging in with their godamn hands at their waist.

Ademek is getting off the cleaner shots, and his left hand is making the difference.

Bell just threw a nutsack combo LOL. Sloppy round with Bell landing slightly more to finish the round..

end rnd 3 , 10-9 Bell.
Big ups for doing the play by play. I'm working and can't wacth the fight.
4th Bell is still controlling the center of the ring,and lands a decent right hand. Bell hit's low again, and gets warned finally. Sloppy exchanges with noone landing flush for the first two minutes.

Bell getting out worked as Ademek's right continues to be the only shot's worth mentioning.

Thomas walks around with his left at his waist, and Bell continues to miss the chance to score.

End rnd 4, 10-9 Ademek
5th Thomas circles Bell and seems to be controlling more of the exchanges.

Ademeks left hook score's the best punch since the 1st round knockdown.

Bell pawing with his jab, and seems content to look for the KO all night. Ademek still on his toes, slipping and weaving out of harms way.

Thomas puts Bell against the ropes and finishes strong. No doubt , another Ademek round. 10-9
6th starts with both missing shots for the first 30 seconds. Ademek working a nice in and out strategy, and countering with that left hook more often.

Bell throws another lunging right to the body, and hurts Thomas for the first time in the fight. Thomas dances out of harms way and continues to work his strategy.

10-9 Ademek again.
rnd 7, Ademek's feet are making this fight appear less competitive than it is. Bell's about to lose the chance to win by UD.

Thomas is walking in with his mouth wide open, though seemingly not gassed. Bell getting popped with Ademek's jab as Thomas refuses to stand in front of him. Again the left hook lands and Thomas has sealed the deal if it goes to the cards. Ademek 10-9 end rnd 7
WHAT.......THE.......FUCK! Bell fucking QUITS "No Mas" style with all of his wits about him.
that was fucking lame. what is Bell dehydrated? I know he wanted to go up to HW a while back..
Bell is done..... stick a hatchet in um... that was TERRIBLE....