One Million Facebook Likes = Sex


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Jun 5, 2009
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If This Dude Gets One Million Facebook Likes, His High School Crush Will Sleep with Him

Taking his cue from the kids who convinced their parents to give them a puppy after getting 1 million likes on Facebook, Petter Kverneng of Norway got his high school crush Catherine to agree to sleep with him if he secured as many Facebook likes himself.

"It was meant as a joke for our group of friends," Kverneng, 20, told the local press.

Joke or not, the "status upgrade" soon hit 4chan's /b/ imageboard, where users naturally felt compelled to help Kverneng out.

Within a matter of hours, the solicitation gained over 900,000 likes, and is presently steamrolling ahead to the 1 million mark.

Kverneng, who has been friendzoned by Catherine for years, told Norway's Nettavisen that the two plan to "keep what we promised."

His only concern now, he said, is that her father might find out.


True story.
Her father will be the 1 millionth like
Was expecting a hot chick.

If it gets him out of the friendzone then good luck to him.
Never thought attention whore would mean if he gets attention, she'll be a whore...
She ain't that bad.

But I know how these sites work. Every guy here could pull a super model..
i just read it only took 18 hours to reach 1 mill after that pic leaked
Saw a picture on facebook saying "my parents promised to stop beating me if i get 1 million likes"

Dumbest shit I saw all week
He looks like an ugly Canelo Alvarez