ON 100% whey - AM and MM in PM, that OK?


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Oct 30, 2005
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MM is great, however, 15 servings for 20$ a pop(only if I buy online, stores sell for double price) so $40 every month and thats only if I take it once a day, doubling my intake of it would cost too much :(. I want to take AM and PM supplement, so I'm thinking of ON 100% whey in the AM before Workout and MM at around 8pm - 9pm at night. Question for this is that is this alright to do? I know protein is protein, however if anyone has done this and had problems, I'd rather know now than find it out for myself. What goes better w/ MM? I have no desire to take weight gainers like cytogainer as I'm 160lbs, losing more fat and gaining more lean muscle is my goal, have more definition, I'm pretty lean for a 160lber already. Although I think most of my weight ATM is water weight.
What I've been doing is taking Half servings of MM (1 sccop) with skim milk as a meal suppliment. The only time I take a full serving is after a workout (ie BJJ or weights).
Taking half servings aint gonna serve its purpose, its meant to be taken w/ 2 scoops per serving, thats why I'm thinking of an extra supplement that'll last longer in ocnjuction w/ MM. So if anyone has done this before and if its OK, then it would finish the thread. I work out about 1-2hrs a day 4 days a week, I want to take the protein supplement before workout and MM after workout before bedtime.
thats another reason MM is not optimal post workout, 15 servings for 20$? if you got a big tub of whey, you could get 78 servings for about 22$. say you take two servings at a time, post workout, thats 39 post workout shakes of whey compared to only 15 of MM.

MM tastes good and is a decent supp, but their are better options out there...