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Jun 23, 2003
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so if this has been done dont yell. anyway heres the question. aside from the gator roll/anaconda choke what are some good attacks off of the sprawl?
reverse arnbar? hm maybe i should learn that. i forgot about guillitone but maybe thats because my guillitone isnt that good
fall back and sweep the dude straight in to a mount is one of my favorites, or go in to a spider guard and sweep after you fall back. If its a fight I would come back with the knees.
Head lever to side control, shuck him to work on taking his back. Cow catcher to side control, knee tap to side control. They may not finish immediately, but they effectively advance position and put you at little risk of being countered.
knee to head (if not allowed target the shoulder and collarbone), guillotine, half nelson turnover to side mount, spin to back mount, reverse arm bar, rolling kata hajime, clock head scissors, reverse omaplata, crucifix neck crank.