Oh the dilemma.......


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May 11, 2005
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I am starving and sleepy as fuck.

So the question is do I just go to sleep with an empty stomach or eat something and go to sleep.

Please don't say eat moderately and stay up awhile then go to sleep.

There are no other alternatives.

Sleep starved or pig out and sleep right away.

Right now I'm trying to build lean mass and not build any unnecessary fat.

Which is the better option?
Considering you burn a lot of calories while you sleep I would eat somthing moderate (no pig out) just eat somthing that will make you feel no longer starving and then hit the bed.

Its not the end of the world, just do not make a habit of it
I would not eat.
It'll be good for you to fast.

Assuming you don't fast often.
just eat something... Is everything with you a dilema? Here's the rule: if you're hungry, eat.

If you want the most out of your nightime snack, have some cottage cheese.
I agree with Urban some cottage cheese will do you good. Protein before sleep isn't bad, that is the longest time period in which you are not taking protein in, if you are eating right. Keep the carbs low to none.
Well next time I'll do that I guess.
Damn something about alcohol makes me so hungry and thirsty.

I should be going to sleep, but what the hell.

Having some pecan pie right now.

With Milk baby.
Damn I gonna be taking a good amount of crap in the morning.
Alcohol and pecan pie. Why were you worried about eating something before sleep yesterday?
CoachB40 said:
Alcohol and pecan pie. Why were you worried about eating something before sleep yesterday?
Well I didn't go sleep until 3 so I don't think the Pecan pie did much damage.
get some casein protein and have a shake before bed. It's a slow releasing protein so its perfect for night time. Oh, and take it with water, not milk.
I find that a protein shake just isn't satisfying enough. Cottage Cheese is a good option. Your diet sounds pretty crummy though. Just eat something.
When I try and diet I just get in the habit of not eating at night and it goes away is less than a week. I had to cut some weight for a boxing fight, so I started to eat my last big meal around 3:30-4:00 because boxing was at 6. Normally when I came home I'd eat another meal, but since I wanted to cut weight I stopped. For the cravings in the beginning I had a protein shake and then ate a HUGE bowl of iceberg lettuce (which has less than 100 calories). I cut out the lettuce in 3 days, and then had a cup of tea after my shake. After about two days I cut out the tea and only had a shake. I think the last few days before the weigh in I didn't even have the shake. The best part was that I was never hungry at night anymore. If you get out of the habit, your body will adapt and not be hungry. I'm gaining weight again... I need to get back into that habit haha.