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Oct 13, 2005
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Im an Australian and i train at aclub called Extreme Mixed MArtial Arts, my coach is a guy called John Donehue who is one of Gene Lebell's Black Belts, anyway im going to LA for a holiday with my family and my coach comes up to me and goes oh stick your head in at Gene Lebells club he says he wants to see what Ive taught you.

I thought he was joking around but yesterday I got an email from Gene's Club with the adress and the schedule and it was inviting me for a free lesson.

HAs any1 else got any suggestions for good clubs to visit, ive already organised togo to Inosanto and R1 but are there any others worth going to?

Oh and yes I no that Gene will probably choke me out...
Have fun at Gene's...it's an honor to be able to train with a living legend. I'm thinking about hitting up his school one of these days, it's not too far from me.

other places you might want to check out: AKA, Gracie Barra, Chute Boxe, Machado Bros, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu w/ Eddie Bravo, so many other places I'm sure I'm forgetting...Cal is where it's at
you must have a great family to let you train a lot while on vacation, my wife doesnt get into training while on vacation at all, che might let me go to one place , one time
The LA area is probably second only to Brazil in terms of sheer numbers of BJJ schools...most within an hour of LAX airport.
Rickson, Rorion, Royce (if he's in town), Machados, Beverly Hills JJ club, etc.
You could literally spend weeks and lots of bucks training with some pretty big names...
make sure gene doesn't break out the "club" .
Lol thanks guys I can't wait to get there, I leave on Christmas day, yeh my family is pretty cool to let me do this, im only 15 but i got a job to pay for as many lessons as i can while im over there, yeh i no im a lucky little shit but I am going to learn as much as i can while im there, oh yer by the way, what do you guys think of Frank Trigg and Vladimir Matushenko (they take classes at R1) they are both UFC boys.
Man, I hope you have health insurance. You'll be lucky to actually walk out of there without a limp, there's apparently quite a few guys there that roll hard and like to go for leglocks. Make sure to inform them you are visiting on holiday and want to spend your time enjoying the city rather than walking on crutches. ;)

As for clubs in the area... 10th Planet, Paragon BJJ, Rickson's school, AKA, JJ Machado's school, Dean Lister's school... all top class places to check out.
just dont let him tell the story about guys who piss their pants when choked out. lol
haha , the funny thing is ive actually got a broken collar bone right now but its healing up good and ive got the all clear from my physio...

and no i dont piss myself when i get choked out...
Bring a gi. If you have to use a club gi it will be pink.