Official Soreness Thread


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Nov 28, 2004
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I personally never train calves directly but instead try to get them to grow through indirect work such as sprints and even hang cleans. However, 2 days ago i trained with a trainer friend of mine and he told me to try a new crazy calve workout with him. Basically you do standing clave raises with a weight you can do MAX for 20 reps. You then wait 10 seconds exacly and then do the same weight....usually you can only muster about 10 reps. Then you wait another 10 seconds and do as many as you can again. You keep doing this until you reach 75 reps (ie: 20 reps+10 reps +.....=75reps total)
I can now barely walk.....i mean i am under some SERIOUS soreness and it sucks huge. Everytime i try to get up and walk i feel pain shooting up both my legs. I saw him today and he said the pain lasted 10 days for screwed.

What workout or excersize do you guys remember that induced the most soreness?
1)20 rep squats in my HIT days
2)20 rep stiff legged deadlifts, HIT days
2)Squats 5x5 style
4)Pulldown and pullover supersets for a ton of sets

Now I'm not nearly as sore after workouts. I kinda miss it, I like being sore.
I find abwheels really easy at the time, like no problem to go flat, and i'm a reasonably lanky 210 lb guy. the next day though, wow, breathing hurts.
unless ive had a long layoff, only a few things get me sore.

1. skullcrushers. the long head of my triceps are always really fucking sore.
2. abwheel. ugh.
3. side deadlifts. my obliques are screaming the next day.
Any of my muscle groups can get sore depending on how hard I train them.
For me soreness sets in the 2nd day after the workout. Protein helps speed my recovery.
Abwheel after the first two sessions.
Sprints after the first three sessions.
Although its a long time ago i can remember this soreness like it was yesterday :)
20 rep breathing squats with my ten rep squat max, took 5 days before i got back all my hip movement
ok, my calves are back to normal but i had to cancel my clients last night cause i couldnt even walk!
Oh and doing timed holds with the RT made my hands feel like they were made of a single lump of wood which happened to be on fire.
After a long layoff, Squats will absolutely destroy my legs for days at a time. I have had it hurt to walk for about 5 days before. They only stay sore that long after a layoff though. Normally they are pretty conditioned to the beating they are about to take. Also, Heading back to wrestling after a layoff will make my body feel like it just went through a couple car wrecks.
most pain ever from lifting is the first time i benched... at a whooping 140 pounds and never lifting a weight i ended up benchign with my friend for a full 2 hours with every variation to get my form down.

i coudnt push a door open for a week after that.
I don't get that sore these days but I went wall climbing a while back and that's the most sore I've EVER been.
Ab Wheel, Weighted Negative Pull-Up, Single leg Weighted Hyperextensions...
I think calves are the WORSE muscle for soreness. When those are really sore, you're like a sack of shit.....totally useless to anyone around you.
I remember my first kickboxing class when I was 14....calves, hamstrings, and glutes, not so much quads were hurting. I was walking funny in school. NOW, what if I took a "real" muay thai class for the first time?