NW Suburbs of Chicago- Best BJJ School?


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Dec 19, 2007
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Hey guys, I'm (crossing my fingers) hopefully almost a blue belt in BJJ at a Gracie Barra in the SW. I may have to move to Chicago (where I'm originally from) near Highland Park/Lake Forest/Bannockburn Area. I work an I-banking job, so scheduling is tricky- but I want to continue my BJJ studies and continue to focus on leveling up (while also improving my no-gi/wrestling further). I've been spoiled by the wonderful instruction I've had to date- Is there anywhere in the NW suburbs of Chicago people would recommend- I can't go too far- the office is in Bannockburn- so preferably under a 25 minute commute. Thanks so much folks!
^^^^^this. But there is also flo martial arts in palatine, comprido just opened up in bloomingdale, i think there is a 10th planet affaliate in hp also
Best bet is to as bjj professor he has pretty good knowledge of who is where in the city
I don't know about whos the best but "Big Frog" Jeff Currans place is in Crystal Lake.
Compridobjj is about 45 minutes from you. great option but maybe too far

New breed Niles is around 25 minutes and probably your best bet for a short travel

Flo is about 30 minutes

I know all three of these schools very well and any of the three would be a great option. Visit all three see how you like. They all offer intro classes
new breed actually has an affliate in waukegan:


probably the closet of any gyms mentioned so far. its run by one of our purple belts, ed reyes. frequently has blacks, browns and other purples from our team swing through here. i'm actually teaching a class on Thursday next week, 1/3.

if you plan to come to flo and try a class let me know. i just took this program over, but its growing and i have a good group of guys/girls. we have in fact started doing friday night open mat. free and open to anyone. if you want to come by then and see the facility and try it out, just let me know.

def take classes at a couple diff gyms and see which one you fit best in

good luck