Numb feet while using eliptical??


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Jan 11, 2007
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Anyone get this? My feet start to go numb (to a slight degree, non painful, just starts w/ pins and needles) after about 20 minutes.

Am I just using too much "heel?"

I don't know, but I get the same thing. Anyone else have an explanation?
Same thing happens here, occasionally on the treadmill too.
Same thing happens here, occasionally on the treadmill too.
It happens to me also when going hard on the elliptical for a long period. I guess its where we place the pressure on our feet that cuts of some circulation somewhere. I dont think it's a major distraction but I notice it at times. maybe try wearing different shoes if that makes a difference or thicker socks.
Got to be some reason why a foot massage feels so good.
I was thinking that because your on a consistent plane of motion, your feet aren't "moving" at all, rather, my Hells are just being jammed into the feet area, so, my toes and feet aren't moving as opposed to jogging or walking.

Dunno, just got done, and its always ~20 minutes.
I got a few blisters on my feet from an hour on the elliptical yesterday.
I had the same issue and found that because of my foot being planted, but still moving, if I tied my shoe laces looser than I normally would to walk around, allowing the foot to move a little, that this fixed the problem. Just remember to retie them after you get off.

Can't say it'll work for anyone else, but it did seem to fix the problem for me.
I've never had this problem and I sometimes spend half an hour or so on the elliptical. Even when I first started using it and I didn't have my conditioning I still didn't get numb feet ever.

And my feet are firmly planted the whole time, and I would say that my circulation is probably worse than normal (my feet get cold quite quickly in winter)
my gf has the same problem, the only thing I can think of is that she's keeping her legs to straight. They lock out too much and cut off blood circulation.
Yes, I also have that problem. Its minor in the 0-20 min interval, and more annoying in the 20-30 minute range.
I suffered from the same thing for years, but it happened when I ran... You can give this a try.. its what worked for me.

get a moisturiser/lubricant and give the soles of your foot a very hard massage... once a day for atleast a few days. Do one foot so you can compare and see if its working. Key areas to target are the arch of the foot... that long stringy tendon that connects from your heel to your toes.... and most importantly there is a spot just anterior to the heel of the foot, where the heel meets the arch, just on the inside. Look around VERY HARD with your fingers and thumbs. Not just in the area where you get pain. Look for tender spots with force and then give a hard massage with direct pressure to break up scar tissue.

Another thing is pull your toes back to bring out your arch tendon and then massage that very hard.

there are also locations on the inside of the calf muscle that can be responsible for numb feet. Muscle knots in calves will refer numbness to the feet. You won't be able to get these yourself though you will need someone else to give your calves a very hard and thorough search.