Now that Eddie Bravo's book has been out for awhile



Has anyone had a chance to really drill the techniques, and seen any marked improvement. I did a search, but all the threads were started right when the book came out and didn't really discuss anything. I just ordered a copy from amazon, cuz I figured for like $11 how can I lose? Just curious as to what anyone who has had it for awhile thought. Thanks.
I think a lot of people have already said how great his book is. It's the best Jiu Jitsu book I have and I have them all. Love Eddie or hate him, this book we'll show you things you can easily add to your game at all levels. Get it!
People like to rip on Eddie but he knows what he's talking about. I wouldn't mind checking his book out myself.
I personally like it... by no means am I thebest grappler, but it's helped me out. People need to know these moves because if they don't, they're in for a suprise, kind of like mount in early UFC... the people that didn't know it got beat.

Half guard and rubber guard are great.
I made use of Lockdown the night after I bought the book, and have worked several lost half guard techniques from this superior version of half guard, and though I've seen it before in Judo, I like 100% a lot, and have started using that.

Learn something from everything you come across. If it's only $11, you're a fool not to check it out (I bought it for $16 at Borders).
I'm relatively new to BJJ but I've made use of the Lockdown from halfguard and it works well. In fact, I get a wince of pain, everytime I use it. The only thing that sucked is that a buddy of mine I showed the Lockdown to used it on me when we were training and it hurts like hell.
ame206350 said:
People like to rip on Eddie but he knows what he's talking about. I wouldn't mind checking his book out myself.

the book is great. I train at 10th planet and it was still worth buying
How is 10th planet? I may end up moving out there and if i do then 10th planet is where id want to be. How is Eddie as a teacher? In regards to to the original post, the book is great. it works especially well for someone smaller like myself who likes to play a tight guard game.
When I first got the book I thought it was great. I started using his half-guard techniques and using the rubber guard. After a while I ditched the lock down for a more superior version of the half-guard. I do owe the book a lot, I don't use his techniques as much anymore, even the rubber-guard, but it opened my eyes to seeing the half-guard as a offensive position and I have become more active in my guard always keeping their posture down.

Just because of that book I have started loving being on the bottom, and it's funny because I am 6'2, 220 lbs. Thank you Bravo for opening my eyes up.
I picked up twister side control from his book and use it all the time. I use the twister half guard pass a lot now, and though I'd see passes like it before, the book got me to start using it more to go along with twister side control. I got a lot of twisters, banana splits, crotch rippers and calf crushes from The Truck for a couple weeks after reading the book, but for some reason I stopped. I think I ran into some trouble with setting up the twister roll and decided to work on something else.

I was already doing well with half guard before this book, but started using Old School more and some of the other ones like the Quaterback and Halfback or whatever the ones are called where you go to your knees while still trapping their leg(s).

I get the kamizake calf crush all the time. I try for the Apolo often enough buy have yet to finish it on anyone. I'll go for the electric chair but usually just use it to go out the back.

I use the x-break for armbars every once in a while.

What's funny is that out of all the rubber guard moves, I use the meathook and crowbar the most, and they aren't in the book (just Grappling Mag articles). I'll sometimes pull out stuff like the Invisible Collar, the Duda, etc. but not as much as I probably could (been working on a different style of guard).

It didn't revolutionize my game, but Eddie's book gave me a lot of new material to play with. It was more than worth the $15 I spent on it.
He also renewed my confidence in the knife hand strike.
let me say this. There are a lot of jiu Jitsu books out there. But how many posts do you read where people say, AFTER getting the book, that the book actually helped there game? For most the books are for reference. This book will actually help your game. The half guard section alone is worth the price of any other book. this is the best jiu Jitsu book I've come across and the price is just stupid good.
What is his new book called? Is it "Unleashed"?


I haven't gotten around to drilling any of the moves yet for some reason. I need to do that next open gym. Anyway, the book is worth getting, even if you don't use it (lol like me).
I have the book and have used a lot of the half guard stuff etc. Have to say that my favorite thing that I've been able to really work into my game is the apollo. Seems simple in the "why didn't I think of that" way but definitely works.
Aesopian said:
He also renewed my confidence in the knife hand strike.

LOL thats great just remember to gather your chi.. anyways i bought the book because i just wanted to learn the rubber guard.. yea i still havent really worked it yet lol, i mainly use his half guard techniques they are awesome