not going to be able to work out for 1 week


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Nov 12, 2006
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I'm going to Japan in about a week from now for my week of spring break. My normal workout schedule is 7 days a week. I run 4 miles one day, and then the following day I run 1 mile with sprints then move on to lifting. So basically one day of lifting and one day of running alternating. Unfortunately in Japan I won't have much to work with. Any suggestions I can do to try and do little workouts when I have time (which I will have plenty of). I'm thinking of things I can do around the apartment I will be in such as; push ups, sit ups, and dips. I have no idea what I can do for cardio though.
Wow, I didn't realize this was my first post. I usually just lurk this site and see what others have to say about things.
Check out Ross Enamait. he has some killer home workouts. Google it or do a search here on the forums for some results.
How long have you been keeping the routine you mentioned? If you've been going 7 days a week, it might be time for a bit of a break anyway.

Otherwise...Burpee Burpee Burpee
i have only been going at this routine for about 3 weeks now.. before that i was only doing the running part. i was wanting to cut down all my weight before starting some weight training. i still have more weight to lose, but i'm more content with where i am at now. i started at 220 lbs, and now i'm down to 164. i'm only 5'8 too!! god damn i was obese.