Not able to lose wight in winter/Web site search!


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Jun 23, 2005
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Hi, someone a while ago posted a website that had an animated description of different wieght lifting excercises, and how each one affect a specific muscle...anyhow, i lost the website and i can't remember wat it plz if someone knows of such a thing it'd be great....

And i have a situation here, i had a knee injury last yr, which made me stop all sports, and during that period i gained a lot of wieght, and starting late july i started training again to get in shape for the sports i play (BJJ and soccer!), anyhow, i was doing great and so far i lost 38lbs, but for a month now, i'm stuck at the same wight, and it seems that i can't lose anymore!! i'm at 180 now, and before my injury i was 172, which i think is the wieght i'm most athletic at, anyhow, i don't know wat's the reason for that, i was thinking because it got very cold and my body needed a little fat to keep warm or something:p! i don't know...

my excersice is simply, running about 4 times a week for 45 mins each, after which like 20 mins of punching and kicking a punching bag, and i also have a soccer practice once a week as well...! any idea why i'm not losing anymore wieght.

ps: i'm stuck between (182-178lbs)
you want to lose during winter? sleep with the window wide open.
It's pretty simple. Too many calories. If you want to lose eight more pounds, you'll have to reduce your caloric intake below your current level. That or keep you current caloric intake and increase the calories you burn.

Different factors of body comp, etc. can change your body's 'natural' weight which is what you can be fighting now. This might make it more difficult at some points. (At first the weight probably seemed to just fall off.) But the same principle applies. Take in less than you burn and you will weigh less.
Tornado said:
you want to lose during winter? sleep with the window wide open.

are u serious?? how does that work?? if ur not then nevermind:)

and KOU In3, thanx for the advice, i'll try to consume less callories..!...thanks..
ronnitude said:
are u serious?? how does that work?? if ur not then nevermind:)

If it is cold your body burns more body fat!
Thread starter?

Tell us did you cut your calories and what did you cut them down too? If you cut your calories then your body gets use to that calorie cut and then adapts too it. I say start eating heavy and get your calorie uptake up for a week or so (make it a high protein intake) then the following week go back to cuting, that's what I did and I lost all my weight
Thanks for the websites guys, they r awesome:)...the one i was looking for used animated kinda visuals as flash or something, but those would do..thanks a lot...

and yea that makes sense IMP, i would freeze to death if i did that tho :d...

ObsceneJester, yes i did cut back a lot in my diet, i don't really know the numbers, but let's just say i used to eat meals made for atleast 3 persons by myself :) and i was always in good shape cause i train a lot...but after the injury, i stoped training, and i was still eating the same amount, which resulted in a very ugly 46 lbs gain :s, but since i started my diet, i simply stopped eating any fat except from dairy products, more vegies, and only white meat. what u said made sense to me...i'll try that and get back to u...thanks a lot...

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