No Postwhoring, No Name Changes (read)

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Veni Veni Veni
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Dec 18, 2001
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This forum is moderated by admin who don't always have alot of time on their hands to read through mountains of irrelevant garbage or bantering to get to a legitimate comment or need. In order to make responses faster and more efficient frivolous posts will be deleted and postwhoring will result in a double yellow card.

Same with name changes, they used to not be a big deal due to the rarity of a guy screwing up his name coming on, now Customer Service and Board and Site have become essentially name change forums: "Change my name from Joe16 to JOE17" or "I lost a bet and need to change my name for three weeks". If a name change is that important, abandon your account for a new one. Pms requesting name changes, or account information swapping will be deleted as well.

Happy Trails.
Not open for further replies.