Nike+ Sports Kit

Wild Dan Hibiki

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Aug 11, 2002
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Anyone have one? What are your thoughts on it, i'm going to pick one up tomorrow.
Absolutely love mine. It's a great training/motivation tool for running. The website that you upload the info to is damn cool. To give you an idea of how much it helped me; in my last 10k my first split was only 30 seconds off my last split. Running with it has really helped me on keeping my pace.
yeah it's a cool piece of kit and seems to be pretty accurate. It's worth noting that you dont need nike+ trainers to use it.

Google Nike+ shoe mods and you'll find numerous ways that people have connected them to other makes of shoe.
where do you get? the only sports store where i libe is Cleves and i dont think they do
If you're serious about your training I wouldn't get one. I know a lot of people that have had to return theirs after a few months. I recommend anything from garmin. If you can afford it, get the 305!
i have the reciever clip that connects to your shoelaces so no you dont need to use nike show for them. i shall use them next tuesday after easter long weekend
I bought it when it came out, used it for a while but didn't find it accurate enough and I didn't like running in the Nike+ shoes. It's good to hear that you can use it with other shoes now, I might give ut another try...
I loved the nike + kit when I first got mine. It is nice to have reminders of exactly how much distance you have gone or have left. I don't use mine much now due to the winter months keep me from running outside and I now just use a treadmill and the podfitness system, however the nike + system did help me a lot when I was using it.
FYI there are other kits out there that are WAY better than the nike+ kit. look into the garmin trainers. they have WAY more features then the nike+ kit.