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Nick's Home Journal


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Mar 12, 2005
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Im Nick, and I plan to keep my daily workout routines in this here log, to keep me focused and on track. Because I really need some motivation and a will to keep myself in check. I do not use a gym, for now I have just my room w/ 2 dumbells, weights, and a good amount of space. Plus a pullup bar, and punching bag in basement. I plan on joining up the gym in a month.. here goes..

Sunday - Dumbell Snatches - 4 x 12
Double Windmills - 4 x 12
5 min. Clubbells

Monday - One-arm push ups
One- legged squats
Pull-ups - 2 sets
2 min. Neck Bridge

Tuesday - 5 Rounds Bag Work
5 Minute Speed Drill
Leg Raises - 2 x 12
Flexibility work

Wednesday - Dumbell Swings - 4 x 8
Turkish Get-ups - 4 x 5
5 min. Clubbells

I started my program on Sunday. So I laid out what I did all week real quickly. I dont actually have clubbells, i make them w/ my dumbells. By pushing the rubbing handle down, and putting a 5 pound weight ontop.. on both dumbells. I pretty much just swing and circle them around for 5 minutes. For circulular and stability strength. I promise to be more throrough the next coming days, but now I gotta run.