new user/check routine please




i am reading this forums for a long time now and it seems that many of u really know a lot about powerlifting, so please could you check my routine?

i am 19 years old and am training since i am 15 but the first 3 years weren't very producitve cause i actually didn't have a clue about training with weights
my weight is 80kg (in pounds 176lbs.?)
my goals are increasing strength and and improving main lifts/ chin-ups
so, here are the results of this week

barbell bench press 3*3 (atm 93 kg)
incline dumbbell benchpress 3*6 (with 35kg/side)
narrow grip bench press 3*3 (70,5kg)
decline triceps extension 3*6 (28kg)

military press 3*3 (58kg)
dumbbell bent over rear shoulder raise, i hope u know what i mean( 12,5kg/side)

back squats 3*3 (this week 120kg)
front squats 3*6 (65,5kg)
good-mornings 3*3 (3*85,5kg)

after that a chin-ups routie from t-nation ( part3)

negative chins(3 sek)

mid-grip pull-ups (5 sets)
2*3* (+12,5kg)

latpulldown to the front
20* 30kg


barbell-shruggs 4*6 (138kg)

rotator cuffs training

deadlift ( with belt)
2* 178 kg
1* 183 kg
1* 188 kg PR
1* 190,5kg PR
1* 193kg PR
1* 195,5kg PR :D

negative chins

mid-grip pull-ups

latpulldown to the front


abs(dragonflags + weighted 3-way incline crunches)

rotator cuffs training

my maxes in the main lifts:
bench press 1*100kg about 1,5 month ago, i suck at benchpress
squat 3*125kg(with belt) didnt test 1 rep for a while
deadlift 1*195,5 kg (with belt)

so thats it, i think, sorry for bad english i am from germany...

btw. i am clean and drinking proteinshakes sometimes as supplement and i am training with the ivankogripper in the free days
Another German :). Your routine looks quite alright on the first view. But i would still advice you to read the stickies. They will give you some new ideas how you can also arrange your exercise (or replace some).

Die andern sollen usn ja auch verstehen :wink:

yeah ive read some stickies, just wanted to go sure that my routine isnt crap...
I would personally use different repschemes.
beim umsetzen meine ich, wenn die stange unten am squatrack liegt, etwas oberhalb der knie, von dann die stange auf die schultern zu kriegen, das wird schwer bei hohem gewicht, deswegen tu ich die stange direkt auf schulterh
so ne genau zahl weiss ich nicht, aber auf jeden fall mehr
in dem plan steht, dass nach 4 wochen so 20-22 drin sein sollten
aber das h
babaa said:
so ne genau zahl weiss ich nicht, aber auf jeden fall mehr
in dem plan steht, dass nach 4 wochen so 20-22 drin sein sollten
aber das h
Na, dann probiers mal aus. Aber wenn du nach 4 Wochen nicht min. 15 schaffst, w