New threads



I can't seem to start a new thread in the heavyweights, is the board experiencing problems?
When these occassionally happens to me, I make a thead with a short title and few words in the post. Then edit it immediately.
Can't say why this works exactly.

Step by Step
1. Make sure your post is appropriate for the forum it is in.
2. make your title something like "1 sec" to let readers know it is temporary (keep it very short)
3. Write you post as normal
4. Cut the post so the text is stored in your paste function
5. Make your post "editting"
6. Click submit once and wait 5 seconds
7. Open your newly made thread and click the "edit post" button on the bottom right of your post
8. Paste the stored text into you post, and change your title to be related to you post and give members a good idea of the content
9. Click "Save Changes"

Thanks for the suggestions, i tried that and it still wouldn't work.

It was a thread criticising UFC only fans, must be a Sherdog conspiracy.:icon_conf
This is why I'm not too prideful to ask for directions.

Thanks brackis1. Step 2 did the trick.

lol. You must've seriously been discouraged to tinker with all those steps before success.