New routine to start


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Feb 10, 2008
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I made a routine inspired by Bill Starr and Glenn Pendlay. Training age: 7 months seriously.
BW 74 - sq125 - bench 90 - dead 150

squat 5x5
bench 5x5
row 5x5

OH squat 5x5
OH press ramp 5
deadlift ramp 5
chins 3x3

squat ramp 3
bench ramp 3
row ramp 3

every week 2.5% increase

looks like a decent routine
74lbs? m or f, what is your age?
Here's a post by Mark Rippetoe that seems relevant:

"OHSs are a very good light-day intermediate exercise, and work well when following front squats on Wednesday's workout in the Texas method. They are performed with the bar balance over the mid-foot, and are kept directly above the scapulas just like a press. The arms attach to the scapulas and the traps support the scapulas, so the bar, scaps, and mid-foot are in a vertical line, with the back angle accommodating this configuration. They use much lighter weights, and therefore don't provide as much leg work, so we use them after front squats for this reason."
I pull sumo, so that involves more leg work than conventional deads. Again, should i include front squats on wednesday then?
In the 5x5, Starr puts the heavy bench day on day 1 (or monday), and then volume Squat/Row. And then day 3 (friday), its volume bench, heavy Squat/Row. I would imagine this makes it a bit easier on you're system by switching up the heavy days a bit.