New Lovato Jr. Lucky Gi Illegal????


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Jun 7, 2003
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So I was planning on buying a new Lovato Jr. lucky gi when they come out, but then on his blog about the pan ams Lovato mentions that he found out his gi was illegal, though he doesn't go into detail really. Does anyone know any details about this? Maybe someone who trains with lovato?
The new Lovato Jr. signature Lucky Gi is white with black lapels. Your gi has to be a uniform color in CBJJ tournaments. This is also why you don't see those black lapel Korals being used either.
yeah, so its out for CBJJ tourneys but dude you should get one anyway for training on the daily, it is a sick gi.
thats fucked up...who cares what color your gi is?
it wont be officially out for another couple months though i believe. all the fine details are still in the works.
they are really sick gi's.
i have one of the prototypes, so it is the gi, but none of the embroidery. it is the nicest gi i own by a long shot. the top is brushed cotton, so the inside feels like the inside of a sweat shirt. it is also the best cut i own. i had one of the original white lucky gi's but i didn't like the cut of the gi top, so i gave it away. the cut on this top is the best i have owned. i will get one of the real ones once it comes out.

as far as being competion legal. the CBJJ won't allow it :(