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May 23, 2008
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Hey guys i decided on some gear that im going to get, was just going to throw down some links and see what people had to say or if they had any experience with it.

These were recommended by my coach. He said he likes them a lot. This is a great price imo.
Fairtex Ultimate Combat Gloves $51.99 from

Shin guards
Top Contender MMA Shin Guards $29.95 from

Also i wanted to ask about ear guards. I have kinda bigish ears that stick out and i noticed that rolling on the mat really bothers them. No one else in the class was using them so i didnt know if it was a bitch move or not. Personally I'd rather not develop cauliflower ears and keep my dumbo ears in the best of shape. I am just looking at local sporting goods stores since they seem to have a big selection unlike mma gear. Here is a link to one im looking at....
Brute Adult Shockwave Wrestling Ear Guard - Dick's Sporting Goods

In the future ill look into head gear, but the gym provides that equipment since it also teaches kickboxing and boxing.

I have a cliff keen tornado, it's the best ear guard on the market.
I have to look into getting new ear guards also. Thanks for the tip Eternal.
any more suggestions on the gloves and shinguards?
Hey, I like seeing my name up there!

- ljcsov, just so you know, I can get that eargaurd too for the same price. I don't make any money on them, so I don't have them listed, but just for the ease of convenience, and a single shipping charge (on your end), I can get ahold of them and have them shipped as one package.

Jameson - Full Contact Outlet
Those fairtex's are top notch. You can't find a better quality glove and I would deffinently recommend them.

That would be great! I am looking to get the black ones. I am planning on placing the order next thursday/friday. Just finishing up my research now!!

Which of your top contender shinguards would you recommend for sparring? Not sure which to go with...Also i was curious about the 6' 170lb, not sure which size to go with...i measured my knuckles like it said on the site. im around 3.75 so i figured the regulars would be a perfect fit after some stretching. What should i go with on the shin guards?